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Human Resource Management Consulting

Helping companies by managing the quality of human resources to achieve organizational goals.



Recruitment and Assessment

Carry out activities of integrative data/information collection in the form of the potential, abilities, skills and competencies of each individual in an organization using multiple exercises and multiple assessors, which means that each individual will be given certain exercises to stimulate behavior that is a representation of their potential and competencies.



Assessment is an integrative data/information collection activity in the form of potential, abilities, skills and competencies of individuals.

The assessment uses the principle of multiple exercise and multiple assessor, each candidate will be given certain exercises that stimulate a response, where the response that appears is a representation of the potential and competence of each candidate.

Prelimenary Study

Analyzing data of business process, company culture, job specs, job descriptions and job targets

Define Requirement

Determining the criteria as a condition that determine the success of the candidate carry out a job

Define Tools

Determine tools to explore the potential and competencies of candidates that are appropriate and relevant to the objectives of the activity


To measure potential and competence by using the tools that have been determined


Training and Development

Implementing Training Programs that are suited to the needs, work culture and goals of the organization through the improvement of skills, knowledge and attitudes that contribute the increasing of abilities and accountability as best and reliable professional.


Hard Skill & Soft Skill Competencies

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